YOU Don't Have Resources to Waste

Marketing is hard enough without wasted effort, too little time, and lousy vendors.

  I’ve worked in legal marketing for 15 years.  

I know how to build an organic lead engine.

I scaled the fastest growing law firm in America’s organic search content from $2,000 a month ad-equivalent to $200,000 a month!   

Discover the questions to ask your marketing and website vendors. 

 Tools to recognize good website copy and poor website copy.

 Establish a strategic organic search roadmap and develop realistic expectations of success for your firm, and your practice area.  


Hi! I'm Joshua Penner

I launched Penner & Co., Executive Strategy to address a critical gap in today’s world. While leadership, management, and marketing books and gurus abound, the ability of firms to operationalize these strategies remains elusive.

We solve the leadership and marketing strategy problems that hold your brand back.  

Obsessive Attention to Value


Tyler Parris


“These qualities are why people – from the people of Orting to members of the King County Veterans Consortium to his consulting clients – are willing to learn from and follow Josh.”


Joshua Wheeldon

Transition Coordinator, U.S. Army

“Joshua’s ability to juggle multiple projects is unlike anyone I’ve seen before. He has inspired me to continue to serve Veterans in our community.”


Willie Gregory

Senior Program Manager, Boys and Girls Club

“Josh has a knack for inspiring, empowering, and leading by example.  His consulting services have given me more options to provide optimal customer services, and for this, I am forever grateful.”


ready to reach new heights? Let's get there, together.

Webinar Tuition: $59

Values we live by


We Make Good Firms Great

Our work results in improvement across the board. Aspiring firms get the tools they need to level-up, experienced firms get resources to continue growing.


We Build Enviable Teams​

Our team demonstrates the values as profess. Our clients' teams become the place where people want to be.


We Make You Say, "Wow!"

We never stop improving our product. We relentlessly perfect our approach and seek to differentiate ourselves through quality, not quantity.